This is targeted at the finance and education ministers, but should also be sent to MLAs and opposition members.  


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Sample Letter

Dear [insert politician’s name],

The lack of additional funding for education in the recently announced budget is a disappointment. Districts across the province are facing unprecedented costs coming out of the pandemic academic year of 2020/2021, coupled with halted revenue streams. As school districts are legally mandated to have a balanced budget, they are looking to cut vital programs that will irrevocably harm school cultures and the mental health of students and teachers.

In the budget, more than 3 billion dollars has been put aside as contingency funds. I urge the government to allocate a small slice of this to the school districts to stop cuts. Mental health is a priority for your government, and I cannot think of a better way to ensure the mental health of students and teachers across this province during the pandemic than having programs remain as they are, and for schools to continue being a safe and inspiring place for all students.


[name & address]